Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MMD Windows 100% October Issue

Ah yes, time for another Windows 100% Issue :)

For October's modeler, it is once again, the great Kakomikiさん! Also, this month's model will be Tohoku Zunko (whom I have no idea who she is). :D

Kakomiki's Zunko Model for Windows 100% September Issue
Zunko's official website is here.

So that is what she looks like. You can pre-order from here. The magazine costs 800 yen. It will be released on September 13 which is... Tomorrow in our time zone. The site is already in English so no worries about it :)

Also, Zunko's Voiceroid (by AHS) will be released on September 28. You can also pre-order from here and she previously costs 9,800 yen but she is now 7,772 yen ^^

More information can be seen on Kakomiki's Blog.

Kakomikiさん is one of my favorite MMD Modelers. S/he is awesome I tell you! S/he made a lot of MMD Models which includes the K-On! girls. S/he has been featured in the Windows 100% magazine so many times, too! S/he is a very great Modeler if you ask me.

That is all for today's post! Bye bye :)

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